Tell Congress: Equitably Fund Defense and Domestic Spending

Tell Your Member of Congress to Equitably Fund Defense and Domestic Spending

Action Alert from Network

The Republicans in Congress are trying to increase defense spending and reduce spending on our national safety net programs.

In a budget agreement in 2011, the Republicans and Democrats agreed that if they were going to increase defense spending then they would raise domestic spending by a similar percentage. Now, the Republicans are signaling that they want to unilaterally end this agreement.

Action Alert-Tax Bill

The Senate Finance Committee passed their version of the tax bill  November 16th on a straight partisan vote.  The full Senate will take up the bill shortly after Thanksgiving. In addition to its horrible tax provisions, it also includes a partial repeal of the ACA that would cause 13 million to lose coverage and raise premiums. Additionally, the bill would result in $25 billion in cuts to Medicare and put many other human needs programs at risk for devastating cuts. A vote is anticipated by Thursday, Nov. 30.

Immigration: A Call to Solidarity and Action

Members of Congress return to their State districts for an upcoming break, April 10-21. The next two weeks represent an opportunity to set the tone with our political leaders, and re-frame the immigration issues away from a “national security” concern to one of values and worthwhile investment of tax dollars.  Congress has the “power of the purse” to prevent the Administration’s request for an additional $7.5 billion in fiscal years 2017 and 2018 for immigration enforcement:

  • further border wall construction and surveillance technology,
  • hiring additional border control agents;
  • funds for detention and expedited deportation (including for private prison corporations);

May 12: National Faith Call in Day against TPP

Take Action: Tuesday May 12th: National Faith Call-In Day Against TPP

This week the Senate will be considering the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act, and we as the faith community must add our voices so that Congress and the Administration know that we believe trade deals are too important to be negotiated in secret.
On Tuesday, May 12th, please call 1-888-410-0619 and tell your Senators to stop fast track and the TPP.   Calling the number twice will connect you to both senators.

To learn more about TPP, click here.

CT Budget Proposal

ACTION ALERT: CT Budget Proposal
Please take a few minutes to contact your Legislators and some Key Legislators (below). Ask them not to cut key programs that help children, individuals and low income families.
Background Information:
The CT Appropriations Committee is putting the final touches on its budget proposal this week; they are expected to release it the 23rd.
The fate of many of the programs that affect the most vulnerable is being decided this week. More than half a million dollars of cuts, most of them falling on children and low income families.
To make sense of what programs are at risk, and what alternatives legislators have to raise new revenue, CAHS has released a new policy brief: “The Connecticut Budget: What is at Stake”. It is a short, two-page overview on where the cuts have fallen and how the state can raise revenue to prevent them.

Action Alert: Say “No” to Budget Cuts to Human Needs Programs

The House and Senate are proposing budget cuts that would mean drastic changes to the human needs programs that most successfully help people survive and move out of dire poverty: programs like Medicaid, SNAP, low-income tax credits, and the Affordable Care Act, plus painful cuts to education, housing, child care, Head Start, home energy assistance, and  much more.

Please make three calls or write this week and urge your members of Congress to change the content and direction of the budget as they begin to work on the Joint Resolution. Urge them to vote “NO” on any final budget that would cut human needs programs.   

Take Action: Fast-Track legislation

stoptppsmlIn dozens of countries across the globe, groups are preparing for the April 18th Global Day of Action Against Unfair Trade. In the United States, communities from coast-to-coast will join together in action that day to help derail Fast Track legislation that would enable the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) and other corporate power grabs disguised as trade agreements to be rushed through Congress

As early as Monday, April 13th, or Tuesday, April 14th, Trade Promotion Authority (Fast-Track) legislation could be introduced. It is important all senators and representatives hear from their constituents. Please call or write to your Congressional Members.Some Democrats that have  signed onto Rep. DeLauro’s letter to President Obama

Action Alert: Trans-Pacific Partnership

Trade Promotion Authority, also known as Fast Track, could come up for a vote as early as April 13th. Under this proposed legislation, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade agreement would be a near certainty.

Click here to watch a short video on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Right now, corporate lobbyists are pressuring Senator Ron Wyden, the lead Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee, to sign off on Fast Track legislation by Easter Sunday. So far, Senator Wyden has resisted the pressure, but if he gives in, the bill could be marked up on April 13th.

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