Help 37,000 CT Parents Keep Health Care

Message: Health Reform means more people covered and better health care. NOT more people uninsured or losing key benefits. Don’t cut HUSKY parents!

Please, call/e-mail your legislators TODAY.   Decisions about the CT state budget are being made NOW.  Find your legislators and how to reach them here.

Some legislators are standing up to defend HUSKY health care. We need to speak up and say:  Please don’t cut HUSKY parents!

Background Information:

The Affordable Care Act will make health coverage available to hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents.  But in Governor Malloy’s budget proposal, 37,500 parents who now get comprehensive health care through HUSKY will lose itunless we act NOW.

Governor Malloy’s proposal cutting HUSKY benefits for 37,500 parents will leave them to seek coverage from insurance companies through the new insurance marketplace, Access Health CT.   HUSKY families live on very limited budgets, juggling jobs, education, and caring for children.  They can’t afford the insurance offered through Access Health CT.

  • Studies say at least 25% of HUSKY parents would wind up uninsured.
  • Those who DO enroll through Access Health CT would face new, significant co-pays and deductibles that would keep many HUSKY parents from getting the care they need.
  • HUSKY parents would lose crucial benefits they rely on, such as mental health care, dental and vision care, and transportation to medical appointments.
  • Children get better health care when their parents are on the same plan.

The State Basic Health ProgramSupport State Basic Health Program

 * For more information, and to see who’s at risk, click here.  


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