Action Alert: Tell Congress to Support the Iran Deal

As the media reports almost daily, the international Iran nuclear accord is under attack by many members in the U.S. Congress. The diplomatic agreement with Iran establishes a process for the international community to monitor Iran’s nuclear energy program to assure it does not lead to making a nuclear bomb and places many limits on the program. In exchange, sanctions against Iran will be gradually lifted. Although it is not a perfect agreement, many in the faith community, as well as many nuclear experts, see this as a critical moment for turning toward peace and advancing diplomacy over war.

Congress will vote by September 17th whether or not to approve the agreement. If a majority of legislators oppose the agreement, the President has stated that he will veto, and then there would be a vote to override his veto.
The efforts of faith organizations in DC who participated in a meeting on August 4th convened by the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL) developed a strategy for taking support for the accord to members of Congress.
The first focus is on Senate Democrats who have not decided how they will vote.
It is importance that Senators hear from their constituents in support for this peacemaking effort.

Please take action: Call the U.S. Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 and send a message to your Senators. Here is a sample script you can use:
Or e-mail: 

Hello, my name is _______ from _(town)__. I’m calling to urge Senator _______
To vote in favor of the Iran nuclear deal. It will make the world a safer place. It is also the best way to prevent a nuclear-armed Iran and prevent war.
Diplomacy is the best option for securing a long-term solution. I urge you to support – not jeopardize – the nuclear deal.
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