Tell Congress: Equitably Fund Defense and Domestic Spending

Tell Your Member of Congress to Equitably Fund Defense and Domestic Spending

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The Republicans in Congress are trying to increase defense spending and reduce spending on our national safety net programs.

In a budget agreement in 2011, the Republicans and Democrats agreed that if they were going to increase defense spending then they would raise domestic spending by a similar percentage. Now, the Republicans are signaling that they want to unilaterally end this agreement.

The Republicans want to fund the Pentagon at a higher level without increasing domestic spending—even to the point of prioritizing the Pentagon spending bills before Christmas and leaving the domestic programs to languish until later. The GOP is counting on people not remembering the amount of the military increase. They also want to say that we have no more money left for domestic spending so the critical programs (including Medicaid, SNAP, etc.) will all need to be cut.    We need to stop them. Send a message to Congress to ensure we keep a faithful budget.

Tell your members of Congress to oppose the passing of a Pentagon spending bill without including funding for domestic programs!

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