Increase Connecticut’s Minimum Wage – Still Alive!

Increase Minimum Wage: Call Your Senator

Please call your Senator this week and ask her/him to support increasing the minimum wage. 

Please -Click here to find your Senator and call today to tell him or her you support increasing the minimum wage!   

Efforts to increase Connecticut’s minimum wage are still alive and need your help.  Research and experience shows that increasing the minimum wage helps the economy and does not result in job loss. It’s actually an economic stimulus, as people and families have more money to spend in their communities.  The current $8.25 per hour is just not enough for anyone.  According to a Quinnipiac University Poll released April 25th , an overwhelming 70% of Connecticut voters support raising the minimum wage. 

No wonder: 106,000 workers would benefit, and 80% of them are aged 20 and older. Nearly one-third of Connecticut’s low-wage workers work for large corporations who are showing multi-million profits.  More facts are here

The House of Representatives has approved a plan to increase minimum wage by 50 cents over two years.  The plan is a compromise that does not call for future increases to occur with inflation, but Governor Dannel Malloy has said he will sign it.

 Click here to see if your State Representative voted in favor of increasing the minimum wage, and here to find out their contact information to thank them.   



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