CT Budget Proposal

ACTION ALERT: CT Budget Proposal
Please take a few minutes to contact your Legislators and some Key Legislators (below). Ask them not to cut key programs that help children, individuals and low income families.
Background Information:
The CT Appropriations Committee is putting the final touches on its budget proposal this week; they are expected to release it the 23rd.
The fate of many of the programs that affect the most vulnerable is being decided this week. More than half a million dollars of cuts, most of them falling on children and low income families.
To make sense of what programs are at risk, and what alternatives legislators have to raise new revenue, CAHS has released a new policy brief: “The Connecticut Budget: What is at Stake”. It is a short, two-page overview on where the cuts have fallen and how the state can raise revenue to prevent them.

Please call or e-mail your legislators and these key legislators”
Senator Beth Bye, Appropriations co-chair
Representative Toni Walker, Appropriations co-chair
Senator Rob Kane, Appropriations ranking member
Representative Melissa Ziobron, Appropriations ranking member
Representative Henry Genga, vice chair
Representative Robyn Porter, vice chair
Representative Catherine Abercrombie, Human Services subcommittee co-chair
Senator Mae Flexer, Human Services subcommittee co-chair

Click here to find your legislator.

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