The Protect Our Kids Act

Courtesy of Every Child Matters

More than seven children die from abuse and neglect every day in America – some 2,500 a year – reflecting the estimated 50 percent undercounting in the officially estimated figure of 1,537.

A child is abused or neglected every 36 seconds in the United States, yet only 40 percent of abused children with substantiated cases receive services, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Children of Immigrants Targeted by Tax Warfare in Congress

Children of Immigrants Targeted by Tax Warfare in Congress

The fundamental injustice of the tax system grows clearer as tax day looms ominously over working people and a few horde more and more of the nation’s wealth. Short of a total collapse of capitalism, the primary redistributive remedy for this would be progressive taxation. But our tax policy gets it exactly backward, and its about to get a bit worse. And as with so many wars of attrition against the working class, this one begins by shafting disenfranchised communities, especially immigrants.While the rich are rolling in tax giveaways, a few credits actually give poor folks a break — for now.(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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