May 12: National Faith Call in Day against TPP

Take Action: Tuesday May 12th: National Faith Call-In Day Against TPP

This week the Senate will be considering the Bipartisan Congressional Trade Priorities and Accountability Act, and we as the faith community must add our voices so that Congress and the Administration know that we believe trade deals are too important to be negotiated in secret.
On Tuesday, May 12th, please call 1-888-410-0619 and tell your Senators to stop fast track and the TPP.   Calling the number twice will connect you to both senators.

To learn more about TPP, click here.

Stop Fast Track Transpacific Partnership

Fast track
In President Obama’s State of the Union address he requested Congress to approve “Fast Track” legislation for the approval of the Transpacific Partnership (TPP). The President believes the TPP will grow our economy. We know that big corporations take unfair advantage of deals by sending high paying jobs overseas and unjustly benefit from extremely low wages and weak environmental rules. Often vulnerable people are exploited in sweatshop factories.The TPP has been negotiated in secret and has not been released to the public.
The world cannot afford for Congress to Fast Track a “NAFTA of the Pacific” that moves jobs offshores, drives down wages in the jobs that are left and reduces revenues.

Urgent: Stop the “Fast Track”

Fast trackThe U.S. Trade Representative (appointed by President Obama) negotiated the terms of the TPP in secret and behind closed doors. Congress has been removed from the process, prevented from exercising its constitutional authority to “regulate commerce with foreign nations.” While the public and elected officials have had no representation in these meetings, lobbyists from multi-national corporations were invited to serve as trade advisors for the U.S. government.

Say “NO” for Fast Track for the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Bill

The Obama Administration is now working on what could become the largest free-trade agreement ever negotiated. Called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), it would include the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and Japan. While being worked out in relative secrecy, what is known about this deal would jeopardize the environment, labor, health and safety standards in the United States.  They often enable multi-national corporations to further exploit the people in poor countries.

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