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election-2016As we live out this Jubilee Year of  Mercy and the United States enters into the 2016 election season, Americans face a myriad of choices  between competing visions for our nation’s future.  We are called by our faith to engage in this election.

Pope Francis says that “a good Catholic meddles in politics, offering the best of themselves, so that those who govern can govern well.”

An interactive voter guide was developed and endorsed by a coalition of national Catholic  organizations.  The voter guide can be found here.  

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  National Network for Immigrant and Refugee        

Election 2012: A Critical Vote

Network, A National Catholic Social Justice Lobby has produced a chart that shows positions of Governor Romney and President Obama on various issues.    This chart is meant to be neither comprehensive nor definitive.  Rather , it is a tool for placing the candidates’ positions within a broad framework of Catholic Social Teaching.

Election Guide and Resources Help Voters Analyze Policies and Priorities of Candidates

September 5, 2012 – “U.S. Elections 2012: Where do candidates stand on issues of mercy and justice in our world?”has been published by the Institute Justice Team of the Sisters of Mercy for its members and for the public. This free, 16-page, non-partisan guide is designed to promote public discourse about this year’s presidential and state elections in the United States. It is organized into six areas of interest inspired by the mission and critical concerns of the more than 3,600 Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. The religious congregation focuses its resources on matters relevant to Earth, immigration, nonviolence, racism and women.The guide proposes thought-provoking questions along with current statistics, facts and definitions, as well as other helpful resources including websites of numerous organizations.  To view or download “U.S. Elections 2012” and more, including means for fact-checking candidates’ statements and promotional materials, visit Other Resources:

Center of Concern “Center Focus” Newsletter   Elections 2012

Sojourners – Obama, Rommey Answer Faith Leaders’ Call to Address Poverty in Election

Sojourners – Election 2012 Why Voting Matters

Faithful Budget Campaign

Pax Christi USA Election 2012 Resources

On all of our shouders: A Catholic Call to Protect the Endangered Common Good

Sister Simone Campbell’s Address

Sister Simone Campbell Addresses Democratic National Convention

                 C-Span coverage                           CNN coverage

 On the evening of Wednesday, September 5, Sister Simone Campbell, NETWORK’s Executive Director, addressed the Democratic National Convention. Her address, which focused on economic justice and access to healthcare, was received enthusiastically.

 National Catholic Reporter

Promote the Common Good

We need representatives and senators in the next Congress to legislate for the common good. The focus lately has been on electing a President, but on November 6, we the people will also elect all members of the House, as well as about one-third of the members of the Senate. These members of Congress will determine what the next President can or cannot do.

Now is the time to let all voters know about the Platforms for the Common Good. Please go to to find the platform for your state (click on your state in the map). Read it, sign it, and ask others to do the same.
The more signers we have on the platforms, the more influence they will have with candidates running for office, and voters who will elect them.

Voter Guide:The Common Good in America Today

The Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good is pleased to present their 2012 Voter Guide. They do not endorse any particular candidates, of course: That is not our mission. Instead, the goal of our guide is to help Catholics think about the political issues of the day in light of the Church’s teachings about the common good. We encourage everyone to read our guide, share it with friends, show it to your pastors, and get the word out: In these contentious political times, the social justice tradition of the Catholic Church is needed more than ever.

Common Good 2012

The 2012 election comes at a time when the U.S. faces the highest poverty rates in decades, when the wealth gap has reached historic levels and income disparities are high, and when government officials face stark choices about who will benefit and who will suffer as a result of the decisions they make. Will those decisions be based on the common good or will they serve only to enrich the already super-wealthy and divide us further? Will they foster economic justice and peace? Or will our nation become mired in injustice and division?

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