House Votes to Repeal the Death Penalty

Senate Bill 208 cleared the House 86-62 vote.  Thank you to all who contacted their  legislators over the months.  Connecticut will join 16 other states and the District of Columbia, that have abolished capital punishment.  This bill replaces the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of release although it stipulates that the eleven men currently on death row in Connecticut will still face execution; capital punishment would be abolished only for those convicted of capital offenses in the future.

Bill to Repeal Death Penalty Moves to Senate Calendar

The Judiciary Committee voted in favor of SB 280 An act revising the penalty for capital felonies.  The Senate put the bill on their calendar and could vote on it the next time they go into session (not yet determined, maybe before Easter).

Now is the time to contact your Representative and Senator and ask them to support SB280.  Please contact them before Easter!   

“Catholic Lawmakers Weigh Conscience, Church Teaching As Death Penalty Hangs in the Balance”  Hartford Courant 3/27/12



Public Hearing March 14th

Help End the Death Penalty in Connecticut

On March 14, the Judiciary Committee will hold a public hearing for SB 280, An Act Revising the Penalty for Capital Felonies.  This bill would replace the death penalty with a sentence of life without the possibility of release for all capital felonies.

Public Hearing – Wednesday, March 14 starting at 11:00a.m.

Legislative Office Building, Room 2 C, 300 Capitol Ave. Hartford

If you unable to attend the Public Hearing, write or call the members of the Judiciary Committee.



Six Religious Communities Send Letter

On February 29th, the leadership teams of the six religious congregations who sponsor The Collaborative Center for Justice  sent a letter (attached to this posting) to the Connecticut General Assembly expressing their support for the bill to abolish the death penalty that will be taken up during this legislative session.   death penalty letter

On the 29th the Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty sponsored a press conference at the state Capitol at which they delivered an additional letter supporting the repeal signed by 179 family members of murder victims, including Sister Mary Healy. (You can listen to a portion of Sister Mary’s remarks during the press conference as covered in this Connecticut Public Radio piece: The event was also covered by the Hartford Courant:,0,70578.story

Take Action to Repeal the Death Penalty

Call/Write:Your Senator and Representative

Message: Ask them to support Raised S.B. 280 that would replace the death penalty with a penalty of life imprisonment without the possibility of release.

Time frame:  Before March 9th

Raised S. B. 280

AN ACT REVISING THE PENALTY FOR CAPITAL FELONIES.To replace the death penalty with a penalty of life imprisonment without the possibility of release for certain murders committed on or after  the effective date of this act. 


Press Conference and Lobby Day 2-29-2012

Connecticut Network to Abolish the Death Penalty

February 29th at 10:00a.m.

Old Judiciary Room of the State Capitol

Join us Wednesday February 29th at 10:00 a.m. in the Old Judiciary Room of the State Capitol for a press conference featuring murder victims’ families speaking out against the death penalty.  To date, over 115 victims’ family members in Connecticut have united to call for an end to our ineffective death penalty.  Come support them, and following the press conference we’ll work in groups to talk with our legislators about why we need repeal in 2012.  Please plan to join us on this day. It is essential that we have a strong showing of support for repeal!

Corporate Stance Against the Death Penalty

Six religious communities of women, serving in Connecticut, representing over 1,000 Sisters and Associates in their respective communities have taken a strong corporate stance against the Death Penalty:

 In a combined statement they write:

“We declare our solidarity with all concerned persons throughout the world who reverence the value and dignity of human life. Through this statement we express corporately our opposition to capital punishment which terminates human life and prohibits a natural death.  Our corporate commitment to nonviolence and our preferential option for the poor are the core upon which we base our position and which are the values which challenge us to action.”

Repeal of the Death Penalty in Connecticut Update

The Connecticut legislature decided to postpone repealing the death penalty until 2012.

That means one more year of failing victims’ families, risking sentencing innocent people to death, and wasting taxpayer dollars.

All the ingredients were there to make repeal a reality this year. There was support in the Senate.  There was more than enough support in the House. The Governor was ready to sign it. Thousands of Connecticut citizens called on their lawmakers to support repeal. Dozens of families of murder victims brought their broken hearts and passionate stories to the capitol to share how the system failed them.  Religious leaders, members of law enforcement testified and were in support of repealing the death penalty. The media was reporting repeal was a “done deal” for months.

So why is there still a death penalty in Connecticut?

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