Stop Fast Track Transpacific Partnership

Fast track
In President Obama’s State of the Union address he requested Congress to approve “Fast Track” legislation for the approval of the Transpacific Partnership (TPP). The President believes the TPP will grow our economy. We know that big corporations take unfair advantage of deals by sending high paying jobs overseas and unjustly benefit from extremely low wages and weak environmental rules. Often vulnerable people are exploited in sweatshop factories.The TPP has been negotiated in secret and has not been released to the public.
The world cannot afford for Congress to Fast Track a “NAFTA of the Pacific” that moves jobs offshores, drives down wages in the jobs that are left and reduces revenues.

Time to Extend Unemployment Benefits

unemploymentTake action:   Please urge Congress to restore emergency Unemployment Insurance that offers immediate relief to more than 2 million workers and their families. Please take a moment to tell your Senators that you support restoring emergency Unemployment Insurance to millions of Americans that find themselves out of work. 

On March 13, a bipartisan group of Senators filed a bill to retroactively restore the emergency Unemployment Insurance that expired on December 28, 2013.  The proposed five-month extension does not include harmful amendments that we have been fighting against, such as restrictions on the Child Tax Credit for immigrant families or on Unemployment Insurance for people who have received disability benefits. You may read here more about the legislation.     Please invite your “circle of friends, family, co-workers” to join in this advocacy.

Help 37,000 CT Parents Keep Health Care

Message: Health Reform means more people covered and better health care. NOT more people uninsured or losing key benefits. Don’t cut HUSKY parents!

Please, call/e-mail your legislators TODAY.   Decisions about the CT state budget are being made NOW.  Find your legislators and how to reach them here.

Some legislators are standing up to defend HUSKY health care. We need to speak up and say:  Please don’t cut HUSKY parents!

Background Information:

The Affordable Care Act will make health coverage available to hundreds of thousands of Connecticut residents.  But in Governor Malloy’s budget proposal, 37,500 parents who now get comprehensive health care through HUSKY will lose itunless we act NOW.

Action Alert: CT Needs to Increase Revenues in the Budget

CALL LEGISLATIVE LEADERS – this week  to urge them to increase revenues in the budget.  Call the Finance Committee co-chairs and legislative leaders TODAY, asking that they increase revenues rather than rely on cuts to important programs to fill the deficit.

This is a critical week for the CT General Assembly’s Finance Committee and leaders to hear from you about the need to increase revenues in the budget.  The Committee is meeting this weekend to discuss their draft budget.  

 Phone numbers and talking points available on our Take Action page

  Talking points:

House Votes on Ryan Budget Plan – March 21

There’s still time – the House votes March 21st on the Ryan budget!

Email Your Senators and Representative About Good and Bad  Budget Plans
Last week, House and Senate budget proposals offered starkly different visions for how to address America’s fiscal challenges and priorities. Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-WA) and the Senate Budget Committee adopted a budget resolution that would provide needed revenues from fair sources, cut defense spending over 10 years, and create jobs. The Senate budget is closely aligned with the SAVE for All Principles.

Mindless Cuts-Act Now!

On March 1, new federal cuts will begin to take effect.  If nothing is done, many hundreds of thousands of people will be hurt by across-the-board cuts to education, job training, home heating assistance, public health, and social services, to name only a few areas.   You can see a sampling of the impact in fact sheets for every state and for the U.S.   Connecticut Fact Sheet.

Such as:  Up to 125,000 families and 100,000 formerly homeless people losing their housing (or having to pay much more), 600,000 young children and moms losing WIC nutrition aid, 70,000 children denied Head Start, nearly 76,000 people with disabilities losing Voc. Rehabilitation services, 373,000 adults and children with serious mental illness losing treatment.

“It is time to get to work!”

Action Alert A Fair Budget Deal

Contact: Your Representative and Senators 

Message: Urge them to support a fair budget that will put people and not the Pentagon, first. They need to make spending decisions that reflect our nation’s values, with particular attention to those living in poverty

Timeline:  Congress has reconvened in Washington for its lame duck session.  The next several weeks are critical as Members are expected to address alternative proposal to avoid sequestration and address the deficit.


Urge Congress to SUPPORT a budget deal that will:

  • Create good jobs

Election Guide and Resources Help Voters Analyze Policies and Priorities of Candidates

September 5, 2012 – “U.S. Elections 2012: Where do candidates stand on issues of mercy and justice in our world?”has been published by the Institute Justice Team of the Sisters of Mercy for its members and for the public. This free, 16-page, non-partisan guide is designed to promote public discourse about this year’s presidential and state elections in the United States. It is organized into six areas of interest inspired by the mission and critical concerns of the more than 3,600 Sisters of Mercy of the Americas. The religious congregation focuses its resources on matters relevant to Earth, immigration, nonviolence, racism and women.The guide proposes thought-provoking questions along with current statistics, facts and definitions, as well as other helpful resources including websites of numerous organizations.  To view or download “U.S. Elections 2012” and more, including means for fact-checking candidates’ statements and promotional materials, visit Other Resources:

Center of Concern “Center Focus” Newsletter   Elections 2012

Sojourners – Obama, Rommey Answer Faith Leaders’ Call to Address Poverty in Election

Sojourners – Election 2012 Why Voting Matters

Faithful Budget Campaign

Pax Christi USA Election 2012 Resources

On all of our shouders: A Catholic Call to Protect the Endangered Common Good

Faith Leaders Tell Congress to ‘Get a Conscience’

Hearts & Minds by  Jim Wallis

   Editor’s Note: The following remarks were given on Capitol Hill on Aug. 1 as part of a call from faith leaders across the religious spectrum urging Congress to extend the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit for low- and moderate-income Americans. 

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