Action Alert-Tax Bill

The Senate Finance Committee passed their version of the tax bill  November 16th on a straight partisan vote.  The full Senate will take up the bill shortly after Thanksgiving. In addition to its horrible tax provisions, it also includes a partial repeal of the ACA that would cause 13 million to lose coverage and raise premiums. Additionally, the bill would result in $25 billion in cuts to Medicare and put many other human needs programs at risk for devastating cuts. A vote is anticipated by Thursday, Nov. 30.

Please Take action:
Call call your Senators’ in-district office. Even if your Senator is currently opposed to the bill, call and reinforce that commitment and say thank you.

Next week, connect with your Senators’ offices in D.C. by calling 1-888-885-1748.

The tax proposal now under consideration in the Senate is yet another attempt to impose the discredited trickle-down theory which says that tax cuts for wealthy individuals and corporations will result in more jobs for working people and greater prosperity for all. According to Congress’ Joint Committee on Taxation, over the next decade the Senate Republican tax bill would give big tax cuts to the wealthiest and give big tax increases to people earning $10,000 to $75,000. Low-income people (those earning between $10,000 and $30,000) would do even worse.
This bill would
·         Concentrate wealth in corporations and the wealthiest families;
·         Over-taxi lower income families;
·         Slash social security, Medicare, and Medicaid;
·         Slash public education and other community needs;
·         Incentivize the offshoring of jobs;
·         Fail to sufficiently support the transition to a clean energy economy.

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