Action Alert: Say “No” to Budget Cuts to Human Needs Programs

The House and Senate are proposing budget cuts that would mean drastic changes to the human needs programs that most successfully help people survive and move out of dire poverty: programs like Medicaid, SNAP, low-income tax credits, and the Affordable Care Act, plus painful cuts to education, housing, child care, Head Start, home energy assistance, and  much more.

Please make three calls or write this week and urge your members of Congress to change the content and direction of the budget as they begin to work on the Joint Resolution. Urge them to vote “NO” on any final budget that would cut human needs programs.   

U.S. Senator’s Office:  1-888-496-3502   Representative’s Office: 1-888-738-3058
We need a budget that supports a strong safety net and the needs of low income persons and those living in poverty!

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