Where We Stand

The Collaborative Center for Justice is committed to the message of the Gospels and to the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching.  Our collaboration, support and advocacy on issues that impact the lives of the people in Connecticut, in our nation and in our world, is determined by a strong belief that the dignity of each human person is central to any and all activities or legislation passed by our local, state or national government. The interconnection of all peoples calls us to value and respect the experiences of all. We further believe that our society must be shaped to contribute to the individual and the common good through just economic, political and social institutions.  We support and advocate for policies and decisions that are proposed after careful consideration has been given to the needs of poor persons. We believe that all peoples have a right to participate in the process of decision making which affects their lives, and that all public policies that are proposed must guarantee the fundamental rights to life, shelter, health care, education and employment.  We support and value the laborers in our society.  We believe that workers have a right to decent and productive employment, fair and living wages, private property and economic initiative, and that when workers are justly treated they contribute to the common good of a society.  Finally, we support all efforts to preserve and protect the earth’s limited resources, knowing that our responsible stewardship will insure a healthy and clean environment for future generations.

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